vasakronan / 2023

infographics ‘worklife experience’

läromedelssförfattarna / 2023

infographics for the magazine ‘manus’

vision trade union / 2020

series of illustrations for web and print

Coop sweden 2022

summer activities in sweden, map

Vara municipality 2022

Map for sign of electric light track 

Vara municipality 2022

web workshop, theme ‘sustainable development’

Södra company magazine

maps and infographics for södra company and magazine

the postcode foundation / 2019

illustrations/infographics for website

The Swedish Forestry Association / 2020

the forest in school, educational web site for kids

stora enso / 2018

folder illustration ‘the future of packaging’

Stockholms city council / 2020

infographics for the new subway lines in stockholm

The Swedish Chemicals Agency

illustrations and infographics

series of illustrations for a driving school


nurses statistics