Common People Architecture
icon set for architects 

Wåhlin law
icon set for law firm

swedish university of agricultural sciences
Beekeper icons/infographics

naturasì / italy
Chicory icon for an organic chicory coffee packs, design by Derek Stewart/Metalli Lindberg

GS facket / 2022 

Icon set for GS facket, The union for forest, wood and graphic industry

naturasì / italy 
Icons for labels for organic gnocchi, potatoe, spinach, rye and pumpkin packaging.

naturasì / italy / 2021

icons for organic ice cream & sorbet packs

mielizia bio / Italy

illustrations for a range of organic food products, packaging design by Derek Stewart/Metalli Lindberg

personal project/ 2020

bee/honey/farm icons

COOP / 2020

‘Cooper’ robot emoji and character for web and app

Naturasì / italy 

baking icons for honey jars & flour packs

kulturvärden magazine/ 2021
spot illustartions for spread, ‘what to do in sweden this summer’

Södra forestry cooperative/ 2017

swedish trees, birch, ash, oak, maple and rowan leaf

samsung/ The US

weather owls for the ‘cabin app’ 

mixed icons

Natur & kultur / 2021

Smileys, showing different expressions for teaching aids